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Can You Do Invisalign<sup>®</sup> Treatment at Home?
19 Oct 2023

Can You Do Invisalign® Treatment at Home?

By Smile Express Contributor

In a word: Yes! With Smile Express, we combine the world’s most advanced clear aligner system and the convenience of remote care with local orthodontist-led treatment for safety and peace of mind.

Do At-Home Aligners Work for Everyone?

If you’re a busy adult who finds visiting the orthodontist during treatment to be a challenge, you might think you’re stuck with a smile you’re less than thrilled to show off. Smile Express changes all that! Now adults can get a smile touch-up at home and still have their local orthodontist to guide progress every step of the way.

As for the cost of Smile Express, there’s more good news: Smile Express is not only half the cost of comprehensive treatment, it may be covered by your current dental insurance plan, making it even more affordable.

How Long Does At-Home Aligner Treatment Take to Work?

Every smile is different, so every treatment plan is also different. Smile Express at-home aligner treatment can deliver results in as few as 6 months! However, your smile may need a little longer to look its best.

The main thing to keep in mind is that, compared to comprehensive Invisalign treatment, Smile Express typically takes about half as long and costs about half as much.

Can You Complete Smile Express Remotely, at Home?

Yes! Typically, you only need to visit the orthodontist twice: Once at the beginning so we can scan your smile and create a plan and again for your final evaluation.

In between appointments, your orthodontist will track progress via the scans you do in the Smile Doctors Anywhere app. You’ll also have direct—yes, direct—access to your local orthodontist and care team via the app.

It’s the ultimate combination of Invisalign aligners and remote care convenience with the peace of mind and safety that comes with knowing your local orthodontist is guiding treatment at every step.

How Soon Can You Start Smile Express At-Home Aligner Treatment?

Your orthodontist and treatment coordinators will ensure Smile Express is right for your smile when you come in for your free consultation and exam. We’ll also go over all the details of treatment, including any dental health insurance and FSA/HSA benefits.

From there, your custom-made clear aligners typically arrive as part of your Smile Express at-home teeth straightening kit within a few weeks—and you’re ready to start your smile transformation!